Jay Bonadio

Hailing from Orlando, Jay "Jbon" Bonadio Jr. is not just an artist; he's a force that has redefined the art landscape over the past two decades. From humble beginnings in his college dorm room, where he dabbled in screen printing, Jbon's artistic journey took a turn when he launched a men's clothing line that quickly gained global recognition. But for Jbon, t-shirts were just the beginning.

Realizing that his canvas was boundless and his purpose as a creator ran deep, Jbon transitioned from fashion to art, screen printing large-scale pop culture designs onto canvas. This shift marked the birth of his signature “Neo-Mosaic” style, a mesmerizing blend of shattered glass concepts that he passionately crafts to this day.

Jbon's innovative use of shattered glass doesn't just add depth to his pieces; it has propelled him into the realms of large structural installations, bespoke interiors, and the intricate world of sculpture. His hand-sculpted mixed media installations and solid bronze sculptures are testaments to his evolving artistry.

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Broken in All the Right Places

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